Monday, December 05, 2005

Highest Honors

Highest Honors

Everyone knows as I've said many times that the only way to get into my good graces for life is to find your name splashed on Page Six. Above was a proud moment when a certain good Texan friend of mine was blind itemed in GateCrasher. However, today it was no blind item, but straight forward reporting that landed Rach once again on the Page Six pages:

December 5, 2005 -- "ENTOURAGE" star Adrien Grenier got busy with a "Power Girl" Wednesday night. Grenier was playing Wednesday with his band the Honey Brothers at a party at new club Gogo sponsored by Clairol and Dewer's, when Rachel Krupa walked in. Our sources say that after the show, Grenier — who had been smoking funny- smelling cigarettes with his band mates beforehand — sucked face with Krupa for hours. Not that he got very far — Krupa says she is very proudly still a virgin.

It should be said that no one bothered to confirm ANY of this with Rachel.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Girl of America

Girl of America

As some of you may recall reading, way back when I shaped young minds when I was a church camp counselor... oh the hilarity. Well color me surprised when I read the name of my favorite camper ever, Elle Schneider, in Page Six today. I feel like a proud mother, as everyone knows I think there is no greater accomplishment than having your name in Page Six (right, Rach!).

*Elle can also be seen in a small, but strong roll as "Girl of America" in Deuce Bigelow.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Ain't Life Grand"

"Ain't Life Grand"

Thanks to the tenacity of my friend Hudson, I just managed to score tickets to tomorrows sold out show of Widespread Panic at Radio City Music Hall. Not just any tickets... 6th row, center!!! As the Puerto Ricans in my office would say... HOLLA!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Perfect Match

Perfect Match

Today is turning out to be a dichotomy of depression and humorous irony. It would be my ex-boyfriends birthday today, which already puts me in a quandary of the "do I/don't I" call that has inevitably happened every year up to this point, but seems long past overdue for dying. As if that weren't bad enough to keep my mind racing a mile an hour, my good friend Dodge is getting married tomorrow. Seeing as how he and I were each others "back ups" and now he's the first to get hitched, I'm feeling a tremendous sense of loss, as well as feeling as though I've been deliberately mislead. And to round out this trifecta, I just received an IM from my sister-in-law describing a friend of her and my brothers in Palm Beach that they (read: her only, as my brother will have none of it) just think would be perfect for me. She has described why we are perfect for each other in the following way: "He's 6'4" or taller, he has a place on the ocean, and makes big $$$$$$". I asked if he likes unemployed ladies with a penchant for Big Macs, to which she replied "he loves Big Macs!" So far so good I'm thinking, "did I mention he flys private jets to the Bahamas for gambling and loves midgets?" We're getting quite warm over on my end and then she finishes with the following line, "Titty bars, gambling, weed, coke... I am telling you, you are a perfect match!" Ummmm... Seriously, those last attributes are what my FAMILY is trying to set me up with? I'm doomed from the start!

This Saturday, April 9th Demander plays a free show at Luna Lounge with Coastal Drag. Demander goes on at 9:30 PM. I highly recommend that all attend... if you know what's good for you!

Upload or give a listen to 3 of their songs! My favorite is "Love Life".

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lulu has invited me to see Joan Jett with her this evening at Webster Hall. I'm seeing a "top of the charts 1980's" theme in my recent concert goings (i.e. Motley Crue). So I guess this will be my first official lesbian experience!?

Rachel, Rachel... LOOK OVER HERE!!!

Rachel, Rachel... LOOK OVER HERE!!!

Courtesy WireImage

Technically, I've made it on WireImage. From last nights premiere of "Loverboy" at the GenArts Film Festival, I would be the one behind Rachel in the red dress. Job well done, Kikster!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

For my birthday several of us ladies (Rachel, Kelly, JdeG, Lulu, Court, and Laura) went to dinner. Thanks to the kindness of Eugene Remm we were also treated to an amazing rare tuna appetizer, 2 bottles of champagne, and about a bakers dozen of desserts, that after everyone's 11th or 12th drink were attacked ferociously. I'm surprised no one lost an eye. It was a great birthday this year... although I'd like to pretend it never happened.

Afterwards, Rach, Kelly, and I went to Butter where thanks to Richie, and once again Jamie (this time she managed to actually comment on her dog) Gleicher I was able to drink for free. And again, I had to sit thru banter regarding the beauty of being on an MTV reality show. Remind me when out with Rach and Kelly to avoid others in their secret reality club. But in all seriousness, Jamie and her friends were quite nice. Chance, I would like to thank for something else... enabling me - - resulting in me calling off work the following day (I blamed it on sushi) and probably giving a half ass attempt at a meeting with a photography art advisor that I was hoping to impress and charm the pants off. I did however, receive a book on my way out of the meeting, which felt more like a parting gift on The Price is Right then a symbol of a job well done. Chance supposedly has the hook up for the Sidekick, but wouldn't tell me where he managed to score the pink bumpers, which I will now spend every waking hour trying to locate. Upon the arrival of my favorite midget and celebrity I most like to imitate, Ashley Olsen, I realized I was only seeing straight when I closed my left eye and decided to call it a night. Thankfully I made it home in one piece, which is more then I can say for my debit card, which right now is making some thief very unhappy once they've realized I'm only good for $23.46.

Tonight Rachel and I are attending the GenArt premiere of "Loverboy" at the Ziegfeld Theater. I attended the wrap party what seems like over a year ago, so it will be interesting to see the final product. "Loverboy" is the directorial debut [ed. second time directing] for Kevin Bacon and stars Kyra Sedgwick, Matt Dillon, Marisa Tomei, [ed. Sandra Bullock] Campbell Scott, and Oliver Platt. I'm pretty much just hoping to get my Olsen impression captured on WireImage after I've tripped a minimum of 3 times down the red carpet.

Birthday wishes sent from my Mom all the way from the Final Four...

Monday, April 04, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ... dread...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ... dread...

Born today, you have grand aspirations and will work toward the big things throughout your lifetime. Driven to explore the world around you in great depth and detail, you will very likely travel extensively while young, and even during your later years until you have reason to settle down for good. One of those individuals who seems capable of doing anything the very first time, you enjoy jumping into new endeavors with great enthusiasm and determination -- unfortunately, without preparation far too often. As a result, you may encounter more than your share of danger in your lifetime.

You seem to be always looking out for the underdog no matter what else you may be doing at a given time. You will spend time and money to better the lives of those around you when you are given the opportunity to do so. You are quick to learn and quick to pass on lessons to others.

Today is a dark day. Doom has set in. For this is the day... dum, dum, DUM... I turn 26! Those that know me should be aware, I'm keeping a list of who's wished me a good one as of yet, and maybe someone wants to inform my parents, as neither have bothered to place a call on what should be the happiest and most memorable day of their lives. Anyway... thank you thus far to (in order - for future referece one should know this is how I rank future favors):

-Brandon (about a week early)
-Rand, my brother (9am)
-Flora, coworker (9am)
-David (9am)
-Laura (9:15am)
-Meagan (a girl I went to college with and have spoken to once since) (9:15am)
-Blake (9:15am)
-JdeG (9:22am)
-Rachel (9:30am)
-Momo (9:52am)
-Geary (10:07am)
-Roni (10:15am)
-Courtney (10:20am)
-Davey (10:21am)
-Bridget (10:21am)
-Leslie (10:22am)
-Einhorn/Finkle (10:36am)
-Geiszler (10:52am)
-Jon (10:53am)
-Amber (11:07am)
-Dad (11:17am)
-Kelley Miller (11:19am)
-Mom (11:32am)
-Ellen (11:33am)
-Bernie (11:47am)
-Johnny (2:00pm)
-Kelly Brady (3:00pm)
-Nirex (3:02pm)

And in case anyone has put off purchasing me their gift (as if), I'll include a few things from my registery that I've deemed necessary:

-Creme de la Mer
-Gift certificates to Suzette Sundae, Screaming Mimi's, Sephora, and Housing Works
-Lasik eye surgery
-Unlimited purchasing acess to Ebay
-Shares of stock in Botox

Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want to impress people they don't like. - Will Rogers