Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Consider Her Fazed!

Consider Her Fazed!

It has come to my attention that a certain friend, who we'll call Kim Lagy, was in NYC this weekend out and about. It appears said "friend" called Davey to inform him of her whereabouts, but not yours truly. As I see it, I have no other choice in the matter but to drop the hammer on "Operation Faze Out". And if our paths should ever cross (say at UA Cafe) I will be forced to quote a wise man, known as Biscuit Head to some, when he told me once "You're dead to me!" (I've told myself as of late that was just the hootch talking, it eases the sting)...

Speaking of Biscuit Head, it seems as though Frances was kind to the boy and has spared his newly purchased home. She broke several palm tress around his home, pool, and the reserve, but if they don't have their own IPO or his wife can't wear them on her finger, then Biscuit Head doesn't really care about their destruction (my words, not his... pretty sure he's still sleeping off the sauce)!


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