Friday, September 03, 2004

Did You Even Brush Your Hair?

Did You Even Brush Your Hair?

So here's the thing and the thing is this... I woke up exactly 6 and one half minutes before needing to be at work (just another stellar example of my employee of the month like character lately). Why you ask? The reason being, as I see it (and my face full of make up from last night would prove this), is due to heavy alcohol consumption. I went to a bipartisan party last night at 17. The choices of drinks were a cool Kerry margarita or a traditional Bush margarita... I had vodka soda (we'll call that "The Nadar")... about a bakers dozen of them to be exact. And I'm pretty sure that what little sleep I got was spent dreaming of a glass of water that I just couldn't get to because too much ice was blocking the way. So of course as soon as I did a once over on my hair (although a coworker might disagree as she has already asked if I even brushed my hair this morning), I headed straight to my bodega and bought as much soda as I could carry (yummmmm Code Red). So much soda in fact it would have gone nicely proportionate to the amount of pizza I remember lugging home from across town last night. This being said, I still had no problem seducing my cabby as he shouted out into the night after me "I like everything on you!" I'm not exactly sure what this translates into, but the man was smooth.

My favorite part of the evening though came in the form from a phone call from my brother. As Frances rears her giant head down on my brother in Palm Beach he sits entirely unaffected. I believe our exact conversation went something like this:

Me: It sounds loud are you at a bar?
Rand: Yea, there's like 2 still open in Palm Beach (slur, slur, slur).
Me: You're still in Palm Beach for god's sake, get outta there.
Rand: Wherem (yes, "wherem") I gonna go. It's not like it's the friggin Perfect Storm out there... it's not like I've seen Marky Mark walkin' around.

We love our hootch...


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