Thursday, September 16, 2004

I Suck At Bowling...

I Suck At Bowling...

So, I entered work crying this morning. I'm crying not because of my mild hangover after several pitchers of Stella, and not because on the way to work I heard a garbage man shout "Hey, where can we take a leak?" while he simulated jerking it, and not because I'm close to getting my period and running into everything in sight... but the reason I was crying was out of pure hilarity that ensued from last night. Myself and the five other non-Jewish people that live in Manhattan went to Bowlmor Lanes. It is customary to give one shoe up at Bowlmor in a not-so-good-faith way of making sure they get back their spiffy shoes (which by the way I love). I had worn chucks in, but also brought a pair of flip flops along (as I always do out of survival mode with stilletos). Leslie Bautsch had entered the alley in flip flops. When it was time to leave my lovely friend, Les, had kindly brought me my flip flops which I had mistakingly forgot at the lane. I took these and rushed down to smoke while I waited for the others. Minutes later, Brendan and his girlfriend came down and told me the others were hanging out inside and they didn't think they were coming down. I hailed a cab home (note: sadly, they were just locking up 33 when I arrived, Bastards!). This morning when I was leaving for work I noticed that Leslie had given me one of her flip flops and one of mine. That sucks! But later in the cab on the way to work, I noticed this wasn't the case at all. In fact, Leslie had given me one of her flip flops and BOTH of my flip flops! How was walking home missing a shoe last night, Les? HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHA HAHAHA


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