Friday, September 03, 2004

Man We're Funny!

Man We're Funny!

You ever have one of those days where absolutely everything is funny to you, to the point you cry... Well Molly and I's emails are making me wet myself...

Molly: right, right... I agree... I'm so hungry b/c I didn't eat dinner and
lost my pizza in the fall last night...

Me: You should practically be swatting flies away from your face, you

Under seperate cover (because we have about 6 strings of email conversations going on at the moment)...

Molly: Shall we meet in front of Kmart at 3:30... the Astor Place stop on the 6 train. And then walk over together girls?

Me: I'm not sure that was even English... every word of that was unfamiliar to me... Kmart??? 6 Train??? Astor Place??? Walk???

Molly: You've got to be joking... the 6 train is right by your place.

Rachel: What's astor place???


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