Tuesday, September 07, 2004

One Solid Hour of Heeby Jeebies!

One Solid Hour of Heeby Jeebies!

As if there was any doubt, my love for Dave "shut your yaps" Coulier was confirmed after watching the premiere of the newest "Surreal Life" this past weekend. I went between a feeling similar to having bugs crawl over you (with pinchers) and utter, unabashed entertainment the entire hour. I thought for sure I would be annoyed by Flavor Flav, and occasionally thought Charo was the Columbian receptionist at my office, but for the awful greater part of the hour found myself unable to concentrate on anything other then Brigitte Nielson's attempt at staying awake. The woman took to the hootch, cigs, sleep, and nudity like... well, a European. I kept lapsing into thoughts of what type of offspring her and Sly Stallone would have infected us with had they stayed married longer then 18 months. I shudder to think...


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