Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Yo, yo, yo... Walker's in da House!

Yo, yo, yo... Walker's in da House!

I received a call yesterday from the infamous Robin (nee Robyn - and yes I plan on doing this every time in the future that her name is mentioned) Walker. I hesitated and pulled the old screening routine that I'm so infamous for. I feared that she had somehow been made aware that I posted the photo of her recently from her Friendster profile (although I was nothing but complimentary - so against my nature, really). Why did I fear this to be the case? Could it possibly have been due to the mass amounts of Beaujolais Les and I sucked down or the fact that I had a hard time seeing thru the smoke that clouded my apartment last night? So, in short, we'll chock this one up to a little side effect known as paranoia? Likely! Once the screening process had been performed and I saw that she was calling to say she'd be in town soon, I returned the call. Turns out Robin is flying in from LA on Friday to do some work in the City from Monday thru the following Friday and needs a place to crash. I obliged and just as quickly as I had said "no problem", I instantly was filled with the most certain image of me riding alongside Robin bareback on a jackass in the hills of Guadelara before the weeks end... if you care anything about me, start putting together a search party now... I don't want y'all fucking it up when Robin's successfully convinced me that I might as well be a complete poser unless I attend a donkey show in Tijuana! Also, thanks to Bridget for suggesting this might be the weekend of my first lesbian experience. Appreciate it!


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