Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dear Martha,

Dear Martha,

I officially have a new pen pal:

Martha Stewart
Prisoner number 55170-054
Alderson Federal Prison Camp
Glen Ray Road, Box B
Alderson, West Virginia 24910

I have already begun penning my first letter:

Dear Martha,
I hope West Virginia is treating you well. We miss you back here in the Big Apple. I was hoping we could possibly get involved in a recipe exchange. I hear they are all the rage these days! I must tell you I get nothing but adoration every time I make your "Meatloaf 101"! Kudos on the use of carmelized onions. They really do make all the difference!
Best of luck in the coming days! Perhaps you can teach your peers how to craftily make soap on a rope, to ensure no one drops theirs! Be looking for my recipe in the coming days. I'm feeling like a clever take on peeps - - crows if you will, to celebrate the upcoming Halloween. All my best,


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