Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Junk in the Trunk

Junk in the Trunk

There's nothing like starting the morning off right. This morning while waiting at a light I had the supreme pleasure of overhearing the conversation being held by the three people pictured above. It began with the guy in the blue Mets jacket on the right telling the woman in the middle that "she's looking good and all HEAVY". Well, she and her lady friend let him know straight away that you don't call a woman heavy, because the word heavy eludes (my words, clearly not theirs) to one being fat, and one should never call a woman fat. But I'm thinking as I watch this scene that this man is just lucky to be talking to women at all... had I been able to zoom any closer on the mans actual mug, this would be clear to all. It's hard to say whether they were all friends but the following was all heard by yours truly from the women before my cab moved onto greener pastures:

"Fat is where it's AT!"

"Shade in the winter for ya baby!"

and lastly,

"More cushion for your pushin'!"


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