Friday, October 22, 2004

Kiki Living

Kiki Living

I'm looking for a new job... she's looking for a contestent... seems pretty obvious to me we've got a hit on our hands:

The Briefing
Martha's most wanted: Lowdown hears that NBC reality
show guru Mark Burnett and reps for jailed domestic diva Martha Stewart have
sealed the deal for an "Apprentice"-type reality show in which contestants
compete for Stewart's approval.

Yesterday, NBC and Burnett declined to comment, with Burnett
cautioning: "Out of respect for Martha and out of respect for the legal system,
I can't and won't talk about business with Martha, because it's not

Stewart is forbidden from doing business while incarcerated at
Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia. Dawn Zobel, a spokeswoman for the
women's prison, said that any footage of Martha - for possible use in the show -
must follow rigid guidelines:

"Before anyone videotapes, we confer with the regional office and
make sure that everybody agrees it's conducive to the mission and we're not
violating security. Videotaping is only allowed on one wall in the visitation
room during nonvisitation days. The inmate needs to be stationary in a chair in
one place."

Doesn't sound terribly TV-friendly.

[court. NY Daily News via Reality Blurred]


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