Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Me Likey My Drinkey!

Me Likey My Drinkey!

rachkrupa: I'm going to try and drink less
rachkrupa: I mean...get shitty, but not blacked out
rachkrupa: how about one of those belts
KikiNYC1: what belt?
rachkrupa: chastity
KikiNYC1: I need to stop puking on myself for god's sake
rachkrupa: I need to stop sleeping in the hallway
KikiNYC1: puking on oneself is a chastity belt in and of itself
rachkrupa: true
rachkrupa: answer these questions for me
rachkrupa: do you black out when you drink?
KikiNYC1: never once, ever! It's a problem!
rachkrupa: do you often have more than 6 drinks on one occasion?
KikiNYC1: always
rachkrupa: do you have trouble stopping drinking once you've started?
KikiNYC1: always
rachkrupa: Have you ever missed work because of drinking?
KikiNYC1: sure, not lately though... over two years since I think I've missed! Congrats me!
rachkrupa: do you often wake up feeling guilty after drinking?
KikiNYC1: yeah, but mostly cause I made an ass of myself
KikiNYC1: and guilty that now I won't leave my apartment cause I feel shitty and wasting a day away
rachkrupa: If you've answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, you could have a drinking problem
rachkrupa: ME TOO!
rachkrupa: Molly 2
rachkrupa: Leslie 2
rachkrupa: we can start our own AA group, members only!
KikiNYC1: I also have an eating problem, a spending problem, a smoking problem
rachkrupa: I have a sleeping problem, anxiety problem and lack of $$ problem
KikiNYC1: I was just thinking that I should try and keep my drinks to a minimum of 4 when I go out and thought how f'ing difficult that would be and then I realized most people would consider that a lot!
KikiNYC1: I'm a fish
rachkrupa: me too
rachkrupa: I'm going to try to drink less
KikiNYC1: I want a drink right now
rachkrupa: a dirty martini
rachkrupa: nice and cold....
rachkrupa: yummy
KikiNYC1: an ice cold pint
KikiNYC1: you love your martini's lately
rachkrupa: I know
rachkrupa: that's why I get so fucked
KikiNYC1: I want a marg
KikiNYC1: drinking is so much better during the day
KikiNYC1: I want a liquid lunch
rachkrupa: I know
rachkrupa: wanna meet
rachkrupa: throw back a couple and call it a day
KikiNYC1: completely
KikiNYC1: I don't have a boss here...

Now presenting Employee of the decade...


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