Friday, October 08, 2004



Once again I have returned to work over an hour late from lunch (whatever could I have been doing?) and as I hailed a cab across town in busy Rockefeller Plaza to return to my epileptic enducing job, I watched as another woman snatched my cab right from under my nose (under my nose, ha 'tis Friday). As I opened the door to mildly confront/make her feel uncomfortable, she pleaded her case that she had been indeed waiting but then switched to "oh my god, I know you... where do I know you from?" "ummm... you're right. You know what, you do look familiar! You look like the bitch that just nic't my fucking cab!"

Also, I have arrived back to work with sweat marks under my boobs. Fucking awesome!

and lastly, big fan of Eminem's new song...


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