Monday, October 18, 2004

This is a Much Better "View"

This is a Much Better "View"

This weekend (i.e. the longest weekend of my life) at the Hog Pit I bonded with BaBa-aWa WaWa's fired protege, Debbie Matenopoulos. And I have to say, now that she is obviously sans her Greek nose she is looking quite hot and younger then I had at first thought. Just one more example that plastic surgery is always a step in the right direction!

Also, kudos goes out to my IT guy who actually took the time out of his morning (and even worse, mine) to tell me the following joke:

IT Guy: Did you hear about that actress that was stabbed over the weekend?
Kiki: Who?
IT Guy: Ahhh... Reese... what's her name?!
Kiki: Witherspoon?
IT Guy: No with a knife!

That's hilarious, man, keep up the good work Dangerfield!


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