Tuesday, October 19, 2004



I have been extremely busy today... although that's hard to judge since I have been mostly fucked up all morning from taking medicine without any food (note to self: let's try this every morning... we likes!). But I needed to post from once again the great IJC. I know this is starting to become a mere recant each day from him, when you lazy asses could just as easily go straight to his site, but this time I mostly adored the comment to his days post. IJC begins by posting a walk down memory lane of a girl he met on J-Date (I don't know why I'm so shocked he used this service) and how their relationships demise was met by a rather brief email he received from the girl:

From: Amy
How are you? First off I don’t usually like to do these type of things over emails but it is sometimes easier to write than say in person. You have been great so far and I have had a lot of un with you but I honestly have to say I feel that we are missing something or some might say that “spark” that many successful couples I know have. Rather than continue with what we have; I feel it would be best to stop seeing each other. I don’t like to drag things on and I think I am making the right decision.
Hope to see you around.

Followed by his response:

To: Amy
Hi Amy. I guess it is pretty ironic that you told me this news over email, since that is how we met in the first place. For what it's worth, I had fun.

But what I liked best was this comment:

I'm sorry but "spark" is almost as bad as "connection." I would have written back...



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