Friday, November 05, 2004

And So Another Weekend Begins...

And So Another Weekend Begins...

molkat78: I NEED A BEER!
KikiNYC1: are you going to go with us to the going away party at Cibar tonight?
molkat78: Ahhhhh.... I see. Is that the plan, Stan?
KikiNYC1: I think so...
molkat78: cool cool.. can we start early?
molkat78: :-D
molkat78: you+ my place+ vino/vodka = trouble.. but fun!
KikiNYC1: yeppers... I'm a little beat, but got to get back on that horse and ride!!!!!!!!!!!!
molkat78: beat schmeat! It's friday!
molkat78: gear up!
KikiNYC1: beat schmeat! Sounds like masturbation...
molkat78: ew
molkat78: kiki... only you


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