Friday, November 05, 2004

...And You Don't Stop...

...And You Don't Stop...

OK... JPE, I thought I made myself pretty clear last time, but apparently even if I spell it out for you, you don't seem to quit. So... let me try it way you'll understand... This lizzle ain't fuckin' fo schizzle, Dawg! Word?!

From: JPD
To: MoMo McHottness
Subject: Giants Among Men

So I take it you won't be making it to the meadowlands on Sunday?
Is it because you are running in the marathon? [ed. "Running a marathon"? This shows exactly how unacquainted JPE and MoMo truly are. "Running a marathon"... fucking peed my pants on that one!] Or is it because you're still recovering from Ghettoween?
No worries!
I hope all is well with you



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