Tuesday, November 09, 2004

"Frey Peterson"

"Frey Peterson"

Have you ever heard of the saying "don't rock the boat"? Well, you have got to be kidding if Scott Peterson even gets a hung jury! This summer while I was getting paid to do basically nothing (contrary to the other seasons when I get paid squat to pretty much wipe ass), I spent a great deal of time on Court TV Online digesting every bit of the Peterson Trial I could. It seems obviously certain to me that Peterson killed his wife and every bit of evidence seems to point painfully to this truth.

I have read every transcript of the trial. Read every transcript from phone conversations. Viewed every image submitted as evidence.

The phone conversations that suit my theory the best are those he had with his Jesus loving dub-T mistress, Amber Frey (amongst others). He continously lies to every person he comes in contact with. He lies to his own parents about his whereabouts (saying he was playing golf, when he really was on "fishing" trip), he lies to his friends, and he continuously lies to his mistress. My personal favorite moment was while caught smiling at a vigil for his missing wife, he called Amber and told her he was in Paris with his friends Francois and Pascqual (wha?).

The photos piece together a chronology of guilt. There are photos that show he made several small anchors which he later was never able to place. Photos of only fresh water lures, when the bay is salt-water. Photos showing he had done a load of laundry (which he denies) the day after his cleaning lady had come. And, the piece of evidence that seems most compelling to me (although is only substantiated by transcript heresay) is of the rug (folded up accordian style) where he drug his suffocated wifes body out to the garage.

Apparently, I am not the only one (contrary to the 12 in the jury box) who has become obsessed with Scott Peterson's guilt:

Scott Peterson is no O.J. Simpson, but some people have become completely obsessed with his murder trial. Lara Flynn Boyle, who played a prosecutor on "The Practice," admits she's been glued to Court TV, and has even gone so far as to e-mail the network expressing her compassion for Laci Peterson's family. A supporter of the fight against domestic violence, Boyle signed off with the words: "Frey Peterson!" — a clever reference to Amber Frey, Scott's girlfriend at the time of the murder. [ed. Boyle is a fucking half-wit and ideally I would not be putting her emaciation in the same category as myself, but it suits my interest just this once].

Clearly, the season is now inching towards winter and it appears as though I'm still doing nothing productive.


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