Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Group Hugs = Kiki's Personal Crack Stash

Group Hugs = Kiki's Personal Crack Stash

Well, Ron, I think we have a problem over here. I'm officially addicted to the angst that writhes over at Group Hug worse then I take to the bottle (wait. that's a complete lie. not possible). I have decided to include some of my favorite Group Hugs of the day:

last night i was kicked out of my own party... twice.

My girlfriend wants me to be violent during sex. Her last boyfriend used to beat her and now it gets her hot. I will beat her to a pulp.

I dont tell girls to stop calling me even though i'm sick of being their bloody tampon that that soak all their problems into, but without me getting any action from it.

I dissolved three types of poisons into my best friends drink to see what would happen. He's in the hospital for "consumpsion of water". They have no idea it was me. [ed. fucking LIAR!!!]

My best friend always talks trash about 'fat people'. I mean always. I met his girlfriend last week, and she is extremely fucking fat. How can he not know this?! I want to tell him.

i like anal sex better than regular, my girlfriend doesnt. [ed. Shock!!!]

I laid this monster cable in my friend's toilet. I was afraid of the toilet overflowing so I didn't flush. The next day, the thing expanded to twice its size because of osmosis and my friend's mother had to chop it up with a butter knife before flushing. I'm so proud. [ed. vomit!!! Wait, do I know you?!]

I hate Tom Cruise. I don`t find him attractive at all. He looks like he`s retarded when he smiles. [ed. SEE!!! Someone else noticed his front tooth, MoMo and LouLou!!!]

and lastly,

I'm a 36 year old man whose been having regular sex with his 41 year old cousin at her place every mon and wed after work. [ed. uhh... no comment dude, Jesus!]


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