Monday, November 22, 2004

Hail This!

Hail This!

All I have to say is it was a fucking GLORIOUS WEEKEND!!! The wolverines ended up choking on that poisonous nut!

I lost at least half of what little brain cells I had left, along with the hearing in my left ear and all of my voice. MoMo's pre-birthday weekend ended up being a pretty good time (Go Bucks!!!). We spent a solid 9 hours at Village Tavern, followed by Slipper Room, and later 17 (you do the math). Special thanks goes out to Davey, Blake, and Diorio who showed up in tuxes for the festivities and Bernie, who came with his own special attire in a homemade t-shirt. And the answer is "yes", I will indeed marry you and give birth to babies with your genetics of a South African Jew from Texas that is black from the ankles down. There were no cartwheels this year, but several Jager Bombs, Buttery Nipples, and too much vodka and tequila to speak of (oh wait, speaking is not an option at this point anyway). LouLou was sorely missed ("Boo hoo without my LouLou"), but I have been told that she was busy being groomed and knit picked by an ape in Spain (pictures to follow)!

Also, I'd like to thank the Bloomberg University student who was directed to my site by googling my most famous of catch phrases, "Beat it nerd!". You'll be happy to know that this all too often phrase was screamed at by yours truly when a skirt wearing pseudo-Michigan fag (awesome "Saturday Superstar" t-shirt, dude) refused to get out of my face regarding my "shitty university and even shittier state". Two losses for him, but more importantly, two wins for Kiki!


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