Friday, November 12, 2004

Hugs All Around

Hugs All Around

It's that time again... only this time, I think I actually know the guilty party:

i met this girl one night at a bar...after getting her really drunk...i took her the middle of the night i shit the bed...when i woke up i didn't know what to i took the shit and smeared it all over her...then i left...i saw her at a bar a few months later...she wouldn't even look at me...i know she thinks she did it.
[ed. HOLY CRAP (pun intended) Batman!!! Is this a common practice or do you think this is the same guy we know???]

I miss crack cocaine.
[ed. I know someone that used to smoke catnip... try it on for size!]

One time my grandma was staying a week at my house and I had just taken a bath. When I got out she said "Don't drain the water, I'll just use yours!"

and lastly,

I get aroused by the simplest things. Today it was the sound of the trash truck going by.
[ed. Garbage really is sexy!]


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