Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm Thankful For...

I'm Thankful For...

I may or may not have once been guilty of trying to buy pharmaceuticals via a Mexican pharmacy. I figured it was just plain easier then seeing a shrink and I've always been pretty good at self-medicating. Needless to say, Tijuana never pulled thru (although they swore time and time again they were on their way) and I have been left to beg my other friends for their table scraps of adderall. It appears now I can add Budge to my list of donors and just in time for my upcoming trip during Thanksgiving to boot:

So last Thursday I was complaining to my friend Val about how much work I had to get done that night. She was bragging about how her A.D.D. medication keeps her focused and allows her to get all kinds of stuff accomplished. She told me I should take one of her pills that night. I hesitated and said "no thanks" but she kept pushing it on me. Said that I would be up all night with all kinds of energy and I would get everything done. So finally I gave in and took one. Did I mention she on 60 mg doses of this shit? The drive home alone my head was going a mile a minute and I couldn't even focus on one thing. People came over to watch the O.C. and I couldn't even carry on a conversation. My whole body was tingled and I couldn't seem to close my mouth. I felt like I was just mumbling the noise"uhhhhhhhhhh" for hours. Did I get anything done that night? Nope.

[ed. I've also found that the large Berry Blast energy smoothie at GNC has similar doping qualities when in a pinch!]


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