Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pointer, Pointer, Pointer...

Pointer, Pointer, Pointer...

Looks like Michael Phelps recent DUI proves he has traded in swimming in chlorine, to doing the backstroke with the bottle (kudos by the way, Phelps)!

This reminds me of once at a party when I overheard Leslie Bautsch (aka "LouLou" or "Demandy McStraphanger") discussing drinking and driving with our friend, Brendan:

Brendan: I've NEVER drank and drove before!!! (he said astonished at the idea)
LouLou: Well, how'd y'all get around in high school? (she said genuinely confused)

Or better yet, when just a few months ago my friend, Nurse Beef, was pulled over steps away from his house and asked to perform the standard index-to-nose routine. Beef R.N. abruptly halted the test and asked that the officer from that point on refer to them as his "pointers". It's all caught on videotape, 'natch. Needless to say, he was escorted to the tank, which if I remember correctly he left hours later in a high five line.


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