Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Quite the Dilemma!

Quite the Dilemma!

Last I had checked, my best friend, Budge, had wanted she and I to spend the coming summer traveling throughout Europe. Which seemed like a good plan in theory, as I am quite prepared to quit my job and had told my mom repeatedly over the course of the last week that "I had tried on responsibility for awhile and it didn't look good on me. I'm ready to return it to its rightful owner!". Apparently, Budge has come up with a new plan for us this summer:

Have you seen "True Life: I'm a Jersey Shore Girl"? It's brilliant!!
Let's go there this summer! Those broads are such trash. My favorite quote..." I think one night stands happen in the Jersey Shore but it's not really a one night stand because you see them for like 3 days."

It really does seem too perfect to pass up!
[Update: I had almost missed this, but there is something quite ironic about the statement "those broads are such trash"! God love you, Budge!]


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