Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Run Around "Adderall Sue"

Run Around "Adderall Sue"

Picture it if you will: It's yesterday morning, 5:00 am and the first real chill has set it's eyes upon Manhattan. MoMo "Adderall Sue" Spahr has dusted the sleep from her eyes and against her better judgment slipped out of bed in hopes of a date with the gym. She ran in place in her bedroom for several minutes hoping to ready her body for the cold that awaited her just outside her front door. After several sets of jumping jacks, she ascended up the stairs two at a time from her dungeon bedroom and out the front door ready to ascend on the day.

For a slight moment she jumped up and down in place acclimating her tiny bones to the newly sent winter. She jumped off the front step onto a trash heap which she used like a runner at their starting mark. What's this? Her feet are unsteady, the trash bag and cardboard box littered beneath her feet are moving. Is she woozy? Is the frigid and unexpected air making her delirious? The garbage bags thrash about and kick her back with such force against the brick wall that she is left standing speechless and frozen not by the cold but by the unnatural turn of events she is witnessing. As quickly as it happened the garbage bags let out a loud moaning grunt and whipped off one of the garbage bags to reveal themselves. It was at this point as she stood with her mouth agape that MoMo realized she had been doing her early morning jumping jacks directly on top of a bum!

On your marks! Get set! Hobo!


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