Friday, November 05, 2004

Tell Me If The Straps Are Too Tight...

Tell Me If The Straps Are Too Tight...

OK, seriously... this is getting fucking out of hand. This begs the question of did the words "I'm too busy at work to talk" and "I can't do anything this weekend cause I have friends in town" (mind you both lies) mean something different to you then EVERY OTHER FUCKING HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET?? I'm going to start calling these "billable hours" cause you are in need of some serious fucking head therapy, JPE!

TO: MoMo McHottness
[Update: MoMo McHottness from now on will be referred to as Adderall Sue]
RE: She Lives! (don't make me...)

We'll watch the Marathon in the morning. Head over to giants stadium to our tailgate around noon. Watch the game. Drive back to the city. Call it just another Sunday.

And if I have to throw in two tickets for you and a friend to sweeten the pot I might be able to manage. But if you don't get back to me soon all bets are off cause these are hot tix!

Beis and Chris have been in Hawaii all week. I hope she knows how to surf. Or at least how to lay out on the beach while he surfs.


... elaborate on this extra ticket bit... I'm listening...

and P.S. Even sweet (yet extremely pervy) LouLou had this to say:
Bautsch3: even us + vodka + horny + text messaging = not even an 1/8 as crazy!

You're giving everyone the heeby freaking geebies, stand down boy! I'll pick up one of those neutering cones for dogs so you don't go and lick your wounds all weekend! And while I'm at it, I'll drop off a copy of this for you... looks like you could use it! Sheesh!


Blogger the ijc said...

i take some comfort in knowing that some guys in nyc are just a f'ing clueless and unstable as the girls who i somehow wind up with.

how come the bouncers didn't feel me up when i was at 40/40 last saturday night? that would have been more action that i've gotten in awhile.

enjoy the weekend.


November 5, 2004 at 3:36 PM  

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