Saturday, November 27, 2004

Things I'm Proud of in the Past 24 Hours:

Things I'm Proud of in the Past 24 Hours:

1. While doing my best to congratulate my friend Bosshog's newly appointed fiance on his accepted proposal, I inadvertently slipped back into my own personality and upon him stating the words "I hope to spend a lifetime of days with her" I shouted "that's the GAYEST thing I've ever heard!" (One would think I would be embarassed at such a flub, but considering the two met due to yours truly being drunk at the Varsity Club after the Ohio State/Michigan win two years ago I put the ball in motion by grabbing each of them and stating "you're hot. She's hot. You two should do it. Now let's do shots!" - - Can't wait to attend his surprise 30th birthday party this evening!)

2. Tripped width-wise over a guy in a wheelchair laying myself out on his lap.

3. Delivered a rather amazing impromptu party of 50 at Budge's apartment with an extremely hyped up Flip Cup tourney. Giving the Morgan Family of 6 (ranging in age from 17 to 27) a chance to hold onto their title while they showed off their secret "challenge" handshake (picture wrists on top of each other forming an X) and chanted "flip cup and bong rips" against the well matched IU Fiji's. "Fiji, Fiji, Fiji."

4. In reference to the 17 year old above, asked his oldest sister to "beat it" when she interrupted our conversation because I was in the middle of "trying to score!"

5. Watching Boo litter the lawn with her vomit and simply just proud that it wasn't me this one fucking time.

6. Being offered Vicodin by more than a single person and me accepting from more then a single person.

7. Budge's inspirational words of debauchery "can we just black out and have a good time?"

More to come...


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