Monday, November 15, 2004

To MoMo: What You Did (or Did Not) Miss This Weekend

To MoMo: What You Did (or Did Not) Miss This Weekend

While the rest of the city was doped up on Dramamine and pain killers (some say because of flu season, I think it was due to Star Jones' wedding), I spent a lovely weekend downing Merlot bottles by the dozens with my mother and her visiting friends. It was due to this red-wine induced zombie-state that I have to blame my obliviousness to the untimely death of Old Dirty Bastard (so sad, I guess he's never gonna get no more of that Cracker Jack). There is nothing quite as nice as having good meals and even better drinks paid for the entire weekend. Saturday, after downing doubles (I believe it was this practice that later prompted my mother last night to call into question my status as a bonafide alcoholic) at Mercury Bar to numb the pain that was the Buckeyes, we made our way to Rio. There may or may have not been a scene created... we ate at Earl's.

Following Earl's, Rachel and I went to a fashion fundraiser at the newly named 58 (turns out Rachel had misplaced the information in her memory that this was a black tie event, my jeans thanked her). Thanks to Stratus (one of the owners, formerly of Sessa), we were treated to drinks from a private bar during our tenure as guests (nice work Extreme on the black vodka). It was at this point that Rachel and I realized we may need to rephrase our order when asking for "kettle and soda". Three attempts later and our drink finally included neither Coke, nor Sprite. Blessed!

We left 58 (which I have to say is actually a pretty great space, although given the possibility that it's former inhabitant, Au Bar, might have been pissed on and marked by Euros alike, I think it may be only moments away before the Euros return to claim their territory), and headed to Table 50 to meet a pair of brothers we had neither seen, nor ever met before. One of the brothers worked for Spin Magazine, so thankfully we didn't find ourselves waiting in line. I've learned over the years, that as long as someone else does the talking besides myself, we are usually let in immediately and comp'd, as opposed to when yours truly speaks and I am eventually the only one left waiting outside. The brothers Crawford (as they came to be known) were actually pretty damn cool and fun to hang out with (Spin Crawford aka "Jail Bait" and I even exchanged numbers so we could meet up at a later date).

The four of us ventured over to our old safety 17, where my skills of "boxing out" for bar space were sub-par at best. Although Rach's favorite VJ, Damien was in tow, it was my exchange with "True Life's" most historic star (although it must be said that Rachel Faust takes a close second), Tommy the Bennie from "True Life: I Have a Summer Share" (Jersey Shore that is) that will stand out as the best part of the weekend. The guy was just as he appeared in his meaty role last year: shaved head, sleeveless flannel, and a tipped page boy hat. The way all 5'5" of him bounced around to Biggie and sang along to rhymes about Brooklyn surely would have made any girl melt... Unfortunately, I was unable to stop laughing. God, that was just good comedy!

Sunday began with a trip down memory lane and brunch at SQC, buying all new bedding including one of those Swedish contour mattresses (thanks mom), and ended with dinner at Da Nico's. When my 6th grade social studies teacher (who happens to be one of my mothers friends) found out that I had in fact voted for Bush (a fact I was told to keep quiet by my mom), all hell broke loose. Although I was trying not to even discuss this topic, I was asked to explain my thought process and it was then that there were words spat at me with venom about "hurting her heart" and "learning nothing that she taught me" (which I felt was a low blow, however true it may be). Thankfully, my mom's friend Leslie who was also present (and happens to be 34) and had voted for Bush, tag teamed when things got too personal (this made it easy for them to dismiss this as a generational gap issue). I parted ways with the ladies exclaiming that "I may not be as experienced or as knowledgeable, but unfortunately for her and the democracy she teaches about my vote counts as much as hers." It was at this point that she became mute and cried and refused to speak anymore, except to let me know that I had "ruined her evening"! Wonder what she'll get me for Christmas?!

[Update: I forgot to mention that I also will be watching a lot more football in the future. Although at one point I was a mild Patriots fan since my "friend" Andy (Katzenmoyer) played. However, since his demise, I have since lost touch... BUT... I noticed over the weekend that their new sidelines mascot is none other then a midget! Therefore, I have renewed my love for football with enthusiasm, even when not in the form of Scarlet & Grey! 5 DAYS!!!]


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