Monday, November 01, 2004

Welllllll... I Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates...

Welllllll... I Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates...

Kiki's (nee She-Ra's) Top 10 Lessons From the Weekend

1. He-Man does not have the same fashion sense and will try to jake your sword all night, leaving you with the smaller one that doesn't make noises when it strikes (and be warned, he will leave and take it with him)!

2. Karma is a bitch and because Klepto MoMo can be found most days with stolen items from the office busting out of her pockets, whatever isn't nailed down will become someone else's personal property by the end of the night (hope you like the shots of my outstanding knockers, THIEF!)

3. Just because people can't follow simple instructions to show up in a costume, doesn't mean they're above drinking the beer you purchased.

4. Vegas Odds: 5:1 that complete strangers are more likely to show up then your own friends!

5. PBR's go down smooth, but not quite as smooth as St. Ides!

6. St. Ides isn't as smooth coming back up!

7. Riddle: If LouLou were to get frisky with a boy... how would he end up with blue balls? (*answer can be found at bottom)

8. When people (i.e. complete strangers) don't seem to get the hint that the party's over and they should exit stage left... one is able to make your point more successfully by fake passing out in the direct epicenter of their congregation, rather then by attempting to freak them out by spooning another chick on the couch.

9. Sleeping in over-the-knee gold lame boots, while perhaps sexy to the onlooker (i.e. Asian straggler that couldn't seem to get my subtleties as mentioned in item #8) is rather uncomfortable when you "come to" three hours later.

10. I am a creature of habit. A little alcohol makes a lotta horny!

*answer: LouLou was dressed as Smurfette


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