Friday, December 31, 2004

I can easily say this might be one of the greatest weeks in Kiki's lifetime. I can safely say my enthusiasm level has been at a 10. Kiki on 10! Spending time with some of my best friends, including Rob (above with enormous beard), Budge (above in grey) and Johnny (above as Steve Zissou), has made this a time to remember. The weed hasn't hurt either. We spent Wednesday skiing in town at Breckenridge, which is a great little village. Our house is a spectacular log cabin with a hot tub. Thursday was spent skiing the absolutely fantastic Vail (pictured above)! Vail is by far the best resort I've had the pleasure of skiing. The morning began with 2 feet of fresh powder, which makes for a most enjoyable time. I took it fairly safe at Vail restricting myself to greens and blues. Today me and seven of the guys traveled to Keystone. I would say Keystone was my least favorite of the three, but hands down a good time. The boys required more of me then I would resort to if left to my own. Keystone had really great cruising long trails. We stayed off the black bowls and thankfully today, which was the first day including monster wipe outs, was limited to two. Tonight is New Years Eve and should prove a nice (almost) end to a great trip. At this point I would be interested to see the over/under on my return to New York City, because it's definitely not a sure thing.


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