Friday, December 10, 2004

I really feel like this Craigs List "Missed Connection" has the workings of an Oscar contender, ne c'est pas?

-Sat next to me on the Amtrak train couple days after T-Day in 2003
-Were visiting your mother and stepfather at their remote place in the country
-work as a personal assistant to a stockbroker at that time....but wanted to pursue other things like said you used to paint but stopped
-Complained about your you had to run his errands for him
-Were an amazing conversationalist. Were beautiful..very striking...
-While we were talking you had a seizure
-You fell to the floor
-I held you and comforted you while the train stopped and a doctor on the train assisted
-You cried and were scared
-paramedics came and took you away
-You discharged yourself the next day....just upp'd and left the hospital...that's what they said when I called.....
-I offered to share a turkey sandwich with declined
-Think about you constantly and wonder how you are
-Want to talk to you.....want to share how that event changed my life.
This is a true MC........where oh were are you? If anyone knows...tell me

I laughed, I cried...!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Break out the tits baby.

December 10, 2004 at 6:22 PM  

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