Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My very first introduction with cradle robbing (and believe me there's been a few) was back in high school with my friend Adam's younger brother, Jared (mind you we were only a year apart). He used to come over to my house and sing songs on his guitar to me about not wearing shoes and others devoted to high school math teachers. We once took a trip to Indiana University to visit Adam when he had perfectionisticly begun school a summer early. It was on that trip that Jared and I fell out (out of what I'm not sure), as he spent most of the time drunk and passed out in the boys community shower. He would claim otherwise later saying I dumped him due to his not being a lacrosse player.

Go see Jared (who I might add is one of the best looking people on the planet) guest appear with the Demanders tonight at Piano's at 8PM:

(deĀ·mand'er) n.
1. "Super-sexy female duo with the occasional "guest" male guitarist. The core: Karen on vocals/bass with Sivan on drums/contagious energy."
2. "Ferocious pre-punk rock with a killer rhythm section."
3. "As for Demander, wow, I hadn't seen such a kick-ass band in a while! They're a drums/bass girl duo who really rocked that stage."
Define them for yourself, all this month, at Pianos. Every Wednesday, with special guests.(Jared can also be seen on the 8th and 15th of this month)

PS. Can I just quietly mention how much I love Kelly Clarkson's new song "Since You've Been Gone"!!


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