Tuesday, December 07, 2004

One of the best shows on television to date begins another season (it's 3rd) tonight, the WB's "High School Reunion". I get sucked in every season, and I expect this one to be no different, if not even worse! Any show that labels people "The Predator", "The Meathead", and "The Fat Chick" in hopes that they are able to come together ten years later and hash out their differences is aces in my book. If you happen to pass by an apartment in Murray Hill that is billowing with clouds of fragrant smoke and thundering with rapturous laughter, ring the bell... I'm in there!

Back stabbing! Boyfriend swapping! Brawls! The WB brings it on with the return of High School Reunion. Watch as 14 classmates from Cardinal Gibbons High, an ultra ritzy, private, Catholic school in Fort Lauderdale - all of whom are no strangers to teenage snobbery and sex scandals - are reunited after 10 years on the island of Maui. The ante is upped daily as vengeful new arrivals from rival cliques, classes and a nearby public school, do everything they can to crash the party and seek redemption.

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