Saturday, December 11, 2004

Tonight is the one friends holiday office party I actually enjoy attending, that of LouLou's soap opera. Last time I hung out with these soap actors I had trouble separating fact from fiction (we're talking serious difficulty), and if that weren't bad enough, I was drunk enough that I insisted on addressing them as their characters even when they would correct me. It was truly glorious! Tonight, I presume, will be much of the same, if not worse. As evidence, I provide you with my most recent correspondence:

Kiki: So what do you plan on wearing this evening?
MoMo: I think the green sweater. [omitted name of a soap actor] have never seen me in that!
Kiki: [soap actor]'s also never seen me naked... yet!
MoMo: Tag team?
Kiki: Ooo, that's dirty... you just asked me to be in a tag team, Lesbo... it's certainly possible!
MoMo: Just cause I don't want to be left out of the [soap actor] action... don't worry, I won't fondle you, just him.
Kiki: Good thing he's got a pair of balls, so we don't have to fight...
MoMo: Which one you got?
Kiki: I've always been ambidextrous, I can work the lefty if you prefer...
MoMo: Good, I'm much better with my right :-)
Kiki: Consider this verbal contract in place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You two need to back off! I have to order this person cars and wipe his ass everyday. If anyone is playing with his balls, it will be me. -Lulu

December 13, 2004 at 12:57 PM  

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