Thursday, December 16, 2004

Which One Do You Want First?

Which One Do You Want First?

The bad news: I received a call this morning regarding whether or not I had yet retained lawyers for my upcoming civil suit (i.e. f'ing blindsided).

The good news:
Although it's widely known thoughout that I "give good MK", Rachel et al have just assured me that after much comparison my infamous and much coveted Mary-Kate and Ashley impressions have been deemed best in all the land (however, I am made aware through the recent images from the "To Russia with Love" event from last night that the modifications I have in the past used to go from MK to Ash need to be slightly adjusted. Currently making a mental note).

And as you can tell, the good news has all but TOTALLY wiped my focus from my apparent upcoming court date. Wha??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiki, you don't know me but I'm tall, handsome, and funny as hell and I'll give you a wonderful fuck. You're melting from my poetic whispers. It's OK. It happens a lot. First I'll massage you like thirteen kings, then I'll slowly spread your favorite dessert all over your porcelain body. Don't dare me, I will sprinkle jimmies before licking every inch of your alabaster frame... I gotta go, the wife's home.

December 16, 2004 at 5:47 PM  

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