Friday, December 10, 2004

Yes folks, this is what we call a "confirmation":

LINDSAY Lohan did not lose her purse the other day, it was only a "card case," according to her rep. "Listen," the rep said, "It carried her license and two credit cards, that was it." By now, everyone and their brother has seen e-mails falsely claiming Lohan's "purse" also contained cocaine, a charge the rep laughed off. "At this time Lindsay is not planning on suing [the woman who found the card holder - NOT KIKI]. She's annoyed and p- - -ed off because it is not true, but what is she going to do — rant and rave? That's not her style."

I would like to mention that no where in the email did it mention a "purse"...

[court. Page Six]

18 days until Vail!!!


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