Monday, January 03, 2005

I Was Lost, But Now Am Found...

I Was Lost, But Now Am Found...

I would say I'm glad to be home, but that would be a complete lie. Yesterday was a day of trains, planes, and automobiles (literally). I was picked up by a Suburban at 5:30AM (it's the only type of vehicle that can reach without consequence the top of the mountain where my house was). When I had reached the bottom of my mountain, I was transfered to a van, which then drove me two hours to Denver.

I surprisingly had little difficulty boarding a plane without any source of identification. That really puts me at ease. After a nice relaxing cross country flight (in first class I might add), I had a connecting flight in the city of brotherly love which unfortunately was scheduled to leave before my arrival (genius planning on the part of my travel agent). I tried to figure out the difference between the time it would take to board the next flight to Laguardia and the time it would take to reach NYC via train. All this effort was uneccessary as thankfully, the crew was aware of our late arrival and waited for myself and the other gentlemen (who happened to be sitting next to me prior) to arrive before they took off.

This brings us to my arrival in New York. Wouldn't you know it, sans luggage. So now I am without wallet and the rest of my belongings as it were. Awesome. To say God was watching down on me is an understatement. Turns out the man I had been helping shuffle around all day was a priest who was greeted by none other then a nun in full habit who... stood 3 feet tall. Really helped to pick up my spirits. And as if that weren't enough, another little person went riding right in front of me in baggage claim on a tricycle. I'm not sure, but this all could have been a result of withdrawl!


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