Friday, February 18, 2005

Girl's Just Wanna...

Girl's Just Wanna...

Like a typical girl, when things aren't quite as they should be, I run head on into changing my appearance. I got my haircut last night and next week my favorite visting baller from LA, Robin and I are scheduled for more tat's. But this time I may just have gone too far. It’s time for an intervention!

My impending unemployment (as I am still currently working indefinitely) is having an adverse effect on me and I cannot stop buying things. It is widely known that someday I would like to own my own thrift store, that’s of course if my aspirations to become the most successful Madame in the new millennium don’t pan out. So I’ve now officially spent more money on threads from years past then one should… especially one about to claim unemployment. And if that weren’t bad enough, I’ve now talked myself into purchasing not just the oversized Gucci hobo bag that I had been eyeing for some time, but decided I deserved the Rolls Royce of arm wear in a Balenciaga motorcycle bag as well. I’m claiming it as a birth right. I feel like a junky. I’m on this incredible high right now, happy and content. Nothing can stop me. But I know, buyer’s remorse that it is, soon… very soon… I will come to regret this act of stupidity. Perhaps the guilt and remorse won’t actually surface until I find myself shoving all my shit into the Gooch and Balenci as carry-on’s on my way back to Ohio to live with my mom cause I can no longer afford this damn city!

PS. Don't forget about Bernie's festivities this evening... sure to be a good time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiki, well done. As I expected, you are dealing with impending unemployment in the best way possible. Excellent purchases. I would suggest a nice wallet to go with the new handbags as well. - Zey

February 22, 2005 at 4:19 PM  
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