Tuesday, February 08, 2005

If you were unexpectedly surrounded by a shit storm and faced with the dilemma of changing your life immediately, how does one come across their best suited options? Cause right now I have no fucking clue. I keep catching myself relaxed and excited that soon I will no longer have a job and forgetting that that also means I soon will have no money as well. My mom has consistently asked me what I think my next step will be. As I see it my options are three fold: continue on with the plan of possibly attending Columbia grad school in the fall (assuming they’d even have the likes of me), take up a teaching fellowship for very little pay but all the while getting to enjoy my summers, or roundhouse kick that post war contemporary gallery that called me out of the blue this morning regarding a position. All of these seem like responsible and well thought out options. The problem is… I pretty much want to do ABSOLUTELY nothing - - especially with summer just around the corner. My head is dancing right now, not with visions of sugarplums, but with butt loads of margaritas just after I’ve wiped the sleep out from my eyes on a crisp, warm Indian summer day. I hear the words “letting go” and dance with excitement that I can spend countless daylight hours traipsing through New York’s thrift stores, searching for just the right clutch, bolero, or 1970’s JC Penny’s secretarial inspired dress, all the while buzzing with the fancy that tequila causes one when the suns still up. Does that sound like a plan that requires some looking into to anyone else?


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