Friday, February 25, 2005

Professional Mustache Rider

Professional Mustache Rider

The following email was actually sent out from the desk of Kiki just moments ago in reference to a job involving mustache archiving for an upcoming film:

As quite possibly the only woman out there to express interest in helping, I’d like to offer up my services. I’m not sure if this is a “males only” kind of club, but I think the concept is brilliant and have an excess of time on my hands as it were. I work in the art field, so I think I might have an advantage of appreciating the conceptual and aesthetic nature of a mustache far greater then just anybody. If you are still looking for someone to assist you with archiving images, please let me know. If not, best of luck and I’ll look forward to seeing your finished project!

Later when I protested Momo's request to post this due to my fear others would find interest and therefore present themselves as my competition, Momo responded "Don't worry Kiki, I don't think people will actually be gunning for this!" I sure hope she's right!


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