Friday, March 25, 2005

Australia Always Has the Finest Exports

Australia Always Has the Finest Exports

Last night I went to see Jared and his band Demander at The Delancey. And had the pleasure of seeing Starky as well. For myself I found hints of The Cure in their style, but according to their website this Australian clan best describes themselves and their style in the following:

Drunken journalists, stuck in a rut day-jobbers, council estate big mouths and life-serving gaol birds. School ties, hand-knitted rainbow ponchos and fingerless gloves.

It's subject matter not normally addressed by your average rock'n'roll combo but that's part of what makes Starky so appealing. Never content with relying on cliché the band marries melody and urgency to create a sound all their own and a record worthy of one of the years finest.

'Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre' is Starky's debut album and was produced by Australian punk rock legend and Radio Birdman frontguy Rob Younger and co-produced, engineered and mixed by Wayne Connolly (You Am I, Silverchair, The Vines etc). It was recorded in just nine days and captures the excitement and energy the band is known for creating live.

I recommend adding them to your collection if you haven't already.


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