Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gandolf's the New Sofia Coppola!

Gandolf's the New Sofia Coppola!

My very own personal Gandolf, Robin, has managed to go and get herself photographed for the Marc Jacobs website (click on the "LA"). My favorite part of this feat is that it manages to mention her by name as the LA stores very first buyer (never did I doubt). Even funnier, this morning when I reread our IM's from last night on my Sidekick I noticed that I drunkenly demanded her to choose at once which is better "Marc Jacobs in Petunia or Marc Jacobs in Cherry Blossom?" I really do know the pressing issues we face today!

PS. I've observed Robin, that you reverted back to spelling your name with a "y" just like in middle school! Excellent decision!


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