Wednesday, April 06, 2005

For my birthday several of us ladies (Rachel, Kelly, JdeG, Lulu, Court, and Laura) went to dinner. Thanks to the kindness of Eugene Remm we were also treated to an amazing rare tuna appetizer, 2 bottles of champagne, and about a bakers dozen of desserts, that after everyone's 11th or 12th drink were attacked ferociously. I'm surprised no one lost an eye. It was a great birthday this year... although I'd like to pretend it never happened.

Afterwards, Rach, Kelly, and I went to Butter where thanks to Richie, and once again Jamie (this time she managed to actually comment on her dog) Gleicher I was able to drink for free. And again, I had to sit thru banter regarding the beauty of being on an MTV reality show. Remind me when out with Rach and Kelly to avoid others in their secret reality club. But in all seriousness, Jamie and her friends were quite nice. Chance, I would like to thank for something else... enabling me - - resulting in me calling off work the following day (I blamed it on sushi) and probably giving a half ass attempt at a meeting with a photography art advisor that I was hoping to impress and charm the pants off. I did however, receive a book on my way out of the meeting, which felt more like a parting gift on The Price is Right then a symbol of a job well done. Chance supposedly has the hook up for the Sidekick, but wouldn't tell me where he managed to score the pink bumpers, which I will now spend every waking hour trying to locate. Upon the arrival of my favorite midget and celebrity I most like to imitate, Ashley Olsen, I realized I was only seeing straight when I closed my left eye and decided to call it a night. Thankfully I made it home in one piece, which is more then I can say for my debit card, which right now is making some thief very unhappy once they've realized I'm only good for $23.46.

Tonight Rachel and I are attending the GenArt premiere of "Loverboy" at the Ziegfeld Theater. I attended the wrap party what seems like over a year ago, so it will be interesting to see the final product. "Loverboy" is the directorial debut [ed. second time directing] for Kevin Bacon and stars Kyra Sedgwick, Matt Dillon, Marisa Tomei, [ed. Sandra Bullock] Campbell Scott, and Oliver Platt. I'm pretty much just hoping to get my Olsen impression captured on WireImage after I've tripped a minimum of 3 times down the red carpet.


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