Friday, April 01, 2005

PoweR Girls Unite!

PoweR Girls Unite!

Given my close relationship with Rachel, I am privy to many a deep and intellectual conversation on a day to day basis. Take for instance while enjoying a cheese platter brought by her mother all the way from Pinconning we discussed how Rachel believes that duck tape is a suitable way to fix a side mirror that has mysteriously been knocked off the same day as the car was purchased. Or the time when discussing a possible heart attack, Rachel described it as her heart on the right side. The last few weeks have given me pleasure every Thursday when I get to tune in and watch events I've either already been a witness to or ones I wasn't cool enough to attend in the first place (turns out I am most definitely a nobody, and I own not a single suitable article of white clothing)! I can say from what I've seen of PoweR Girls thus far, it is pretty true to the characters as I know them. I've seen Kelly and Rachel "hump dance" on several occasions, but this only when there is no room to dance on top of a banquet or bar. I was lucky enough to be on the other end of the phone when Rachel had an all out panic attack and believed that in fact medically her "blood was actually boiling". I've witnessed stressed moments, drunk moments, bitchy moments, fun moments, bossy moments, and party moments numbering in the dozens. What I have yet to witness and had zero idea about is the fact that you "can indeed go topless at the Sky Bar Pool" as Kelly was kind enough to inform me just now via my Sidekick. Like I said, true to their character people! God bless them!

I'm interested to hear your thoughts... do tell!


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